Adidas Superstar

The Adidas Superstar has been an Adidas icon for over 50 years; it has been a favourite trainer for athletes for a long time. The rubber toe cap, serrated 3-Stripes and contrasting detailing is what characterises this model.

1969 was the year Adidas launched its iconic Adidas Superstar trainer. These sneakers were first marketed to basketball players and fans and soon became the trainers worn by the NBA's top players. By the mid 70's most players were wearing Adidas Superstars on the court.

By the 80's these shoes had moved from the courts to the streets and became part of the clothing of rappers and B-boys, thus becoming part of the urban culture and creating a strong link to the music culture.

Despite the passage of time, the Adidas Superstar has aged well, knowing how to reinvent itself at all times while remaining true to its origins and at the top of the streetwear and sports culture.

Some of the most significant Adidas Superstar collaborations are the following; Adidas Superstar x Bape, Adidas Superstar 360 x Lego, Undefeated x Consortium Superstar or Adidas Superstar x Pharrel Williams.

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