Polar Skate Co is a benchmark in skate fashion. It is characterized by premium skate clothing as well as boards designed by members of the skate team. Don't miss our selection of Polar Skate Co sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets and trousers from this brand. We also have the best Polar Skate Co accessories for you.

"Polar Skater Co, premium skate clothing"

Polar Skate Co. is a Swedish skate clothing brand and skate hardgoods based in the city of Malmö. Founded and owned by Pontus Alv, the products and creative direction of the brand are defined in team with team members, Stefan Narancic and Jacob Ovgren. Producing premium skate apparel as well as boards designed by the skate team members, Polar Skate Co. is a premium skateboarding brand. 

Polar Skate Co. is one of the most relevant emerging skateboard brands, they have collaborations with brands such as Nike, Carhartt and Converse. Their casual and real character makes Polar an attractive brand for both skateboarding and street wear. 

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