Maharishi's clothing collection stands out for its eco-friendly character. At 4Elementos we have the latest from the Japanese brand, Maharishi sweatshirts, Maharishi t-shirts, Maharishi jackets and their famous Maharishi trousers in neutral colours of black and green.

“Maharishi, the utility wear guru”

  The firm was founded in 1994 by Hardy Blenchman, an urban fashion enthusiast who had a clear goal: to launch a first clothing collection with fabrics that respect nature, without neglecting design and high functionality.

Maharishi's clothing collection stands out for its eco-friendly nature. Many of the fabrics used come from recycled materials, natural fibers and premium organic cotton. The aesthetic of this brand is reminiscent of a kind of urban soldier, a trend that was all the rage during the 90s.

The so-called utility wear (utility clothing) has experienced a revival in recent years and designers like Maharishi have positioned themselves as leaders of this trend. Maharishi garments are full of details that make the difference: quality pockets, stainless steel snaps, waterproof fabrics.