Suicoke marked by innovation in footwear and great collaborations. At 4Elementos we have the latest in Suicoke flip-flops, like the Suicoke Moto Cab as well as a wide variety of Suicoke sandals, like the Suicoke Depa-V made with high quality materials and characterized by their ergonomic soles. 

"Suicoke, comfort and innovation"

Suicoke is a Japanese brand founded in 2006, known internationally for its innovative footwear design and collaborations with many renowned brands. The company's models are also known for being made with high-quality materials and ergonomic soles, as well as leather, technical materials and vibram.

Focused on functional footwear for outdoor and city wear, Suicoke sought Vibram's support from the very beginning to create a customized sole, which has become one of the brand's hallmarks.