Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren; has become a benchmark for different urban street-related subcultures. At 4Elementos we have the latest Polo Ralph Lauren sweatshirts, as well as a wide range of Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirts and a collection of knitwear such as Polo Ralph Lauren jumpers.

“Polo Ralph Lauren, a classic”

Since 1967 Polo Ralph Lauren has been offering top quality garments to the most heterogeneous public possible, as it combines a posh aesthetic with minimalist designs from the entire vineyard, which has allowed it to become a benchmark.

Polo Ralph Lauren's first additions to underground culture came from the hand of hip-hop. In this way, the “Lo-Life” collective, a subculture born in the American ghettos of the 90s, popularized the use of Polo Ralph Lauren garments to reflect the good social status achieved after a life marked by crime and rap .

Since then, Polo Ralph Lauren, and especially the Polo Sport collection, has become a benchmark for the different urban subcultures related to the street. Today, Polo Ralph Lauren has rescued the old jewels of Polo Sport and offers the original silhouettes of this line, which combine neighborhood and upper class.