United Standard

Utility and design, the two goals of United Standard. At 4Elementos we have the latest United Standard sweatshirts, as well as a wide variety of United Standard t-shirts and United Standard crewnecks with stylistic designs such as stitching, fading and acid washes among others.

"United Standard, utility and design"

United Standard was born as one of the most ambitious streetwear projects in 2015. Based in Milan, the label was founded by art director Giorgio Di Salvo, who had in mind to offer a new cultural response to the demands for garments among the urban fashion public, always with a focus on quality and design.

United Standard garments are intended to be functional. They do not sacrifice utility for design and all collections offer a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. In this way, United Standard has produced one of the most acclaimed collections on the streetwear scene today. 

United Standard continues to surprise every year with its new creations.

Lately, stylistic details such as stitching, fading, acid washes and many other stylistic resources have made United Standard one of the greats of urban fashion.