Lacoste L!ve

Lacoste Live! brings a fresh style to the Lacoste brand. At 4Elementos we have the latest Lacoste sweatshirts, as well as a wide range of Lacoste polo shirts, as well as Lacoste t-shirts and Lacoste shirts. In which stand out its bright colours.

“Lacoste Live!, fresh air”

Lacoste Live! emerges with the purpose of being a digression to the classicism of Lacoste, with a fresh and playful style, it has more than achieved its goal. The designs of the new collection evoke innovation and art and are able to create a harmony of its sporting origins in the new urban age.

Founded by Jean René Lacoste, born in Paris in 1904, he was a Parisian professional athlete who won seven individual "Grand Slams", nicknamed "Le Crocodile" (the crocodile), hence the brand's logo, and a member of the best generation of French tennis players in the 1920s.

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