Wasted Paris

With references to the indie and grunge culture of the 90's at 4Elementos we have the latest in Wasted Paris sweatshirts, as well as a wide variety of Wasted Paris t-shirts and their collection of knitwear such as Wasted Paris jumpers. Not only do they create textile garments, but you can also find Wasted Paris accessories and Wasted Paris games with their designs. 

"Wasted Paris, reference to the 90s"

Wasted Paris is a French urban clothing brand founded in Paris in July 2012. Behind the project are two friends, Johann and Fang, both passionate about fashion, photography and music, which is reflected in their collections, full of references to the indie and grunge culture of the 90s.

Despite its short trajectory, Wasted Paris is one of the European benchmarks of streetwear and its collections are a worldwide sales success. In its beginnings, Wasted Paris started in a rather rudimentary way. They only needed a T-shirt printer to give free rein to their creativity, which resulted in a first line of simple garments that showed the brand's potential.