The North Face

The North Face is a basic for any winter. Discover on 4Elementos our selection of The North Face jackets, like the Nuptse The North Face or the Himalayan Parka The North Face. Find on-trend products such as The North Face hats or The North Face coats. Created with the highest quality and in the most fashionable designs and colors.

"The North Face, Never Stop Exploring"

When two hiking enthusiasts decided to open a small mountaineering shop that grew to produce their own designs for technical mountaineering clothing and equipment, The North Face has expanded its market into new niches. 

The North Face has expanded its market into new niches, and during the 1990s, the brand became very popular in hip-hop culture. In the early days, the brand's forerunners in the underground scene were New York rappers and graffiti artists, who used the legendary Nuptse feathers to combat the cold on the cold streets of New York.

The North Face garments are an object of desire in the urban scene of yesterday and today. One of the reasons for this is the impeccable quality of its garments, where design, functionality and durability come together to make sense of one of the most popular winter clothing collections of all time.

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