Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old Skool are the first Vans to feature Vans' signature side stripe. With its Vans Old Skool platform variants that have become trendy in recent months.

In 1977 Paul Van Doren launched the iconic Vans model, Vans Style 36 better known as Vans Old Skool, which became a must-have for most skateboarders in the United States. These trainers quickly went from being used only in a sporting environment to become an iconic sneaker in the daily style of the youngest and most irreverent of the time.

This was the first model of the brand to incorporate the sidestripe that is now an essential and identifying element of Vans.

It was in the 1990s that the Vans Old Skool reached legendary status as they were worn by practically everyone, skateboarders, music stars and the most famous rockers of the time. It was also in this decade that Vans decided to make its first collaboration with the iconic skate brand Supreme. 

This was the first of many since we have seen collaborations with Stüssy, Tyler the Creator, Peanuts or Toy Story, Rhude, Kenzo or Fear of God.

These trainers are already considered a basic and a classic in most people's wardrobes, and over the years the Vans Old Skool have been reinvented with different silhouettes, soles, heights, prints and colours.