Nike Air Max 95

The Nike Air Max 95 showcases a 90s athletic aesthetic; a fast style inspired by the human body. The wavy side panels represent the fluid movement of muscles. Reinforcements at the toe and heel make it more comfortable and snug to your foot. 

In the early 1990s, basketball-style shoes dominated the market, but the arrival of the Air Max 95 was Nike's chance to grab people's attention.

For the design, Nike turned to Sergio Lozano. A designer from the University of California, he was relatively new to the scene. Instead of using the designs of someone who was already on the team, Nike wanted to give him a breath of fresh air to his outlook. The brief was simple. Do something totally new that they had never thought of before.

Following this arduous path of ideas, discoveries and a lot of inspiration, he came up with the first Air Max 95, which broke the structures of traditional running shoes. And with the breaking of the established, came the questioning. A shoe that didn't have the Swoosh, had a front air chamber and a black sole? Yes, and all of the criticised elements became the shoe's strengths, along with a delicate selection of colours that made it one of the most original models of all time.

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