Nike Dunk

The Nike Dunk is one of the most popular models. Since its creation in the 2000s, inspired by the world of skateboarding and basketball. You can find the model that best suits you as Nike Dunk Low or Nike Dunk Hi.

The Nike Dunk Low was released in 1985 and designed by Peter Moore. He is also known for being the creator of the iconic and legendary Air Jordan 1 from which they are inspired.

These shoes are designed for playing basketball, which is why his first collection adopted the slogan "Be True To Your School", as the 12 colourways of the collection match the colour schemes of the best college basketball schools in the United States. 

The Nike Dunk was originally called the College Color High, but the shoe's release coincided coincidentally with the 40th anniversary of the "first" Slam Dunk (a well-known basketball event), so it was renamed at the last minute.

As with other shoe models, the Nike Dunk Low's success came when the rap groups of the moment started wearing them. In 1987 The Mix Crew released their first EP Black Leather with the Dunk on the cover and the following year they appeared in Spike Lee's film School Daze.

During the first 10 years of the Nike Dunk, they were adopted by basketball fans but also by skateboarders who relied on their durability and comfort when skating.

In 1998 this silhouette was revived with a very special Nike Dunk drop. Nike decided to launch the Dunk Iowa colourway in collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan, creating one of the first co-brandings between music artists and trainer brands.

From that point on, its popularity was overshadowed by other models such as the Airmax until the Nike Dunk x Off-White collaboration with Virgil Abloh resurrected the model and elevated it to stardom. With this collaboration, others began to emerge with brands such as Stüssy, Supreme or Zoo York (a skate brand).

Since then, there have been numerous exclusive models and collaborations with brands or multidisciplinary artists such as Travis Scott. This has positioned them as one of the most difficult trainers to obtain due to the high demand among sneaker consumers.

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