New Balance 327

The New Balance 327 is a milestone to the 70's with a focus on performance from that moment on. They are distinguished by their wedge silhouette and prominently feature the N on the side. The 327 is a comprehensive reinterpretation of tradition in the world of running.

The New Balance 327 was designed by Charlotte Lee and released in 2020, her goal was to present a brand new sneaker with a retro 70s feel. Taking inspiration from the New Balance 320, New Balance 355 and Super Comp, this shoe is a fusion of 3 iconic discontinued New Balance trainers.

The new features of this shoe are the combination of materials (suede and nylon) and the serrated sole as well as the large "N" logo on the outer side only. 

These sneakers have become a New Balance bestseller and have become part of the wardrobe of thousands of people and streetwear culture. The New Balance 327 has been redesigned through collaborations with other brands, resulting in models such as; New Balance 327 x Casablanca, New Balance 327 x Aries or New Balance 327 x Noritake.

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