Adidas Ultraboost

The Adidas Ultraboost fits your foot like a sock, designed for running. It is a flexible and breathable shoe with Continental™ rubber compound outsoles or Torsion System technology for slippery surfaces. As of 2015 it is considered a performance running shoe. 

To talk about the Adidas Ultra Boost we have to go back to 2013 and the birth of the Boost technology that marked a before and after in running shoes. Adidas talked about these shoes as "The best running shoes ever".

In designing these shoes, Adidas partnered with BASF, the chemical company, to create a granular material consisting of thousands of compressible capsules that produce high rebound energy. This was called Boost and became part of the soles of Adidas sports sneakers.

Despite the fact that these trainers were designed with a sporty function in mind, this model rose to fame when Kanye West wore the white Ultraboost to the stage at the Billboard Music Awards in 2015. 

The popularity of these sneakers has grown and over the years there have been different collaborations such as the following; Adidas Ultraboost x Lego, Adidas Ultraboost x Parley or Adidas Ultraboost x James Bond.

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