Adidas Gazelle

The Adidas Gazelle from its beginnings as a football shoe in the 60s has evolved to become a basic with the different colours that make it a must-have for any wardrobe. 

The Adidas Gazelle was launched in 1968 and was originally intended as an indoor football shoe. They were the first Adidas shoes to be made in full-grain leather.

They became popular in the 1980s, especially in the UK. It was not until 1985 that these shoes became available in various colours. In 1986 they definitely became an indispensable piece of streetwear culture, no longer just a sports trainer. They became an icon in different cultures such as Brit, pop and grunge, and are considered the quintessential indie sneaker in Europe. 

In 1993 an iconic photo of Kate Moss photographed by Denzil McNeelance wearing an Adidas Gazelle was published, which served to relaunch the trainers under the slogan "Remembering the future". These trainers have been part of the wardrobe of celebrities such as Freddy Mercury, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, Harry Styles and Bella Hadid.

Today the Adidas Gazelle is a must in streetwear culture and is one of the most sought after trainers of the moment, usually selling out within minutes of being released. It could be considered one of Adidas' most timeless trainers. 

This trainer has not been left behind when it comes to collaborations, some of the most important ones are the following; Adidas Gazelle x Gucci, Adidas Gazelle x Stone Island, Adidas Gazelle x Satta or Adidas Gazelle x CP Company.