New Balance XC-72

The New Balance XC-72 has futuristic styling with a twist on the running shoe style we're used to seeing. Three unique traction patterns on the outsole and angular elements give the usual low profile.

The New Balance XC-72 was presented through a collaboration with the Casablanca brand and is a modern reinterpretation of the retro trainer from the 1970s. The designer behind this silhouette is Charlotte Lee, who is also responsible for the successful New Balance 327 sneaker.

This shoe has an outsole that has been inspired by the concept racing cars of the 1970s, which can be seen especially in areas such as the tongue and the toe of the shoe. The outsole combines two types of patterns which are the grip of the XC15 and the lugs of the NB 375, while the upper of the shoe is rather simpler with nylon, suede and suede panels.  The large "N" is again represented on this sneaker just like on the NB 327. 

The collaboration that drove these shoes was the New Balance XC-72 x Casablanca but it has not been the only one, this silhouette has made collaborations with other brands such as; New Balance XC-72 x Auralee or New Balance XC-72 x END.

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