Nike Air Uptempo

The Nike Uptempo came out during the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 with the player Scottie Pippen with the aesthetics that existed at that time of everything in a big way. Nike brings back the original design and brings it back in different versions and colours. It has been one of the most recognisable basketball shoes in the brand's history.

The Nike Air Uptempo was introduced worldwide at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1966 by Scottie Pippen. These trainers were very different from anything Nike had presented before and therefore attracted a lot of attention and were a success despite the fact that they were initially a risk for the brand.

These sneakers have an inner tube that runs the length of the shoe and were designed by Wilson Smith who was inspired by pop art, graffiti and the great cars of the time.

These trainers were a hit in the 90's but as with all the silhouettes of the 90's and 2000's they are currently making a comeback and the Nike Air Uptempo is not far behind. The success and rebound of these trainers comes with the Nike x Supreme collaboration in 2017 to create the rebranded Suptempo in red and white.

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