Adidas Adi2000

The Adi2000 shoes are made partly from recycled content generated from production waste. They are shoes inspired by the 2000s, more specifically the world of skateboarding. 

The Adi2000 is a nostalgic shoe reminiscent of the skate sneakers that were worn in the 2000s. They were characterised by their robust design, wide tongue and many layers.

Adidas has not lagged behind the retro trend and has decided to redesign the iconic skate shoes of the 2000s. They are a combination of textile and leather with a reinforced toe cap, padded tongue and a thick, grippy sole. 

Another aspect brought back from the early 2000's is the freedom and playfulness with the laces of the shoes as it has 3 different eyelets to place the laces in the shoes.