Adidas Adilette

The Adidas Adilette has been a classic since 1972. The Adilette is the sporty flip-flop that started it all. Formed with a soft insole and a rubber that provides comfort and lightness. Easy to put on and very comfortable at any time. With different colours and designs for the summer. 

Considered the most famous flip-flops in history, they were first introduced in 1972.  

This model was created at the request of the German national football team who were looking for footwear to be able to take showers in places that were not very hygienic. Although its origins were in showers and more a hygienic and practical question than fashion, it didn't take long for these shoes to be transferred to the streetwear culture. Today the Adilette is considered one of Adidas' best-selling products. 

The turning point came in 2006 when The New York Times published a photo of Mark Zuckerberg wearing a pair of Adidas Adilette velcro shoes. From that moment on, there was a boom in the fashion industry incorporating flip-flops into all collections. 

The Adilette is a footwear that has not been left behind in that of the collaborations, we highlight the following; Adilette x Jeremy Scott, Adilette x Lego, Adilette x Arizona or Adilette x Disney.