Adidas Campus 00s

The Adidas Campus 00s have been a benchmark of urban culture for decades. They made their debut on the courts but eventually made their way onto the streets. With recycled materials from scraps, production waste and household waste, they have a premium suede upper and an ecru midsole that connects to the legacy of the Adidas Campus.

The Adidas Campus were born in the 70s, more specifically in 1978, in the sports field and have survived until today. A trainer with a utilitarian and minimalist philosophy; three stripes and a white sole.

This was not the first name for these shoes, at first they were called the Adidas Tournament. They left this name behind in the 80's as Adidas intended to reach the university audience but who they really reached was the Hip Hop segment.

The Adidas Campus is composed of a soft suede upper available in all sorts of shades accompanied by the legendary side stripes on the shoe, the unmistakable Adidas logo.

These shoes were popularised by artists such as Run-D.M.C., the Beastie Boys, Blur Echobelly and even the Spice Girls.