Asics Gel-1130

The Asics Gel-1130 are part of the Cork collection, inspired by the bamboo forests of Japan. Created in 2008, this collection stands out for its neutral colors and cork coverings. A novelty in the new design of the Asics Gel-1130 is the construction of the shoe in mesh using recycled materials.

What's special about the Asics Gel-1130

The Asics Gel-1130 shoes are an excellent option for runners looking for comfort, support and performance in their training. With its innovative design and advanced technology, these shoes offer an exceptional running experience. The Asics Gel-1130 model features a breathable mesh upper that helps keep your feet cool and dry throughout your run. This feature is especially important for runners who train in hot weather or who sweat a lot. The mesh also provides a comfortable, adaptable fit, allowing the foot to move naturally while running. In addition, the Asics Gel-1130 shoes incorporate Gel cushioning technology in the heel and forefoot.

What does exactly the technology of the Gel-1130 model?

This technology helps absorb the impact of the foot against the ground, providing a feeling of softness and protection. This is especially beneficial for runners who train on hard surfaces or who have knee or ankle problems. Gel cushioning also helps reduce muscle fatigue, allowing the runner to maintain a constant pace for longer. Another highlight of the Asics Gel-1130 shoes is its molded EVA midsole. This midsole provides excellent cushioning and support, contributing to a more stable and efficient stride. The molded EVA also helps reduce the risk of injury by minimizing impact on joints and muscles.

Discover the sole of the Asics Gel-1130

As for the outsole, the Asics Gel-1130 running shoes are equipped with a multi-directional grip pattern that offers exceptional traction on a variety of surfaces. This is especially useful for runners who enjoy exploring different types of terrain, whether in the city, on trails, or in the mountains. The outsole is also designed to resist wear, ensuring greater durability over time. In terms of design, the Asics Gel-1130 shoes have a modern and attractive aesthetic. Available in a variety of colors and combinations, these sneakers offer options for all tastes and styles. The attention to detail in the design is not only aesthetic, but also serves a practical function by improving runner visibility and safety in low light conditions. In summary, the Asics Gel-1130 shoes are an excellent choice for runners looking for versatile, comfortable and high-performance footwear. With its innovative technology, attractive design and attention to detail, these shoes offer an exceptional running experience. Whether for daily training, competitions or outdoor adventures, the Asics Gel-1130 is a reliable and durable option for any runner looking for the best in sports footwear.