UPWW stands for Utility Pro Work Wear was founded by designer, photographer and artist Alessandro Simonetti.

New York is the place that has constantly inspired him to create U.P.W.W. sweatshirts and U.P.W.W. sweatpants, among others.

"U.P.W.W; Utility Pro Work Wear"

U.P.W.W. debuted in 2017 as a spin-off of parent brand Utility Pro, a New York-based workwear brand established in 1995. The brand's garments include a wide range of clothing inspired by industrial uniforms and workwear. 

Therefore, it is common to see in their garments, such as jackets and trousers, an excellent combination of technical, aesthetic and functional features taken from workwear. Modern artistic elements are also common, such as screen printing, patches, reflective materials or appliqués, which give them a unique urban style.

U.P.W.W.'s aim is to redefine workwear through continuous research in the field of workwear and to present the first real high-visibility brand in the fashion world.

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