New Balance Numeric 306

The New Balance Numeric 306 were designed by famous skateboarder Jamie Foy. These are durable sports shoes thanks to rubber inserts and suede details and with mesh parts for good breathability.

The New Balance Numeric 306 is a footwear model designed for skaters looking for comfort, durability, and style. With its modern design and resistant rubber sole, this footwear offers great performance on the board and a sleek look on the street. The 306 features a suede or canvas upper, providing durability and abrasion resistance, essential characteristics for any skate shoe. In addition, its low-cut design and padded tongue offer a comfortable and secure fit, ideal for performing tricks and maneuvers with confidence. The rubber sole with a tread pattern provides excellent traction on the board, ensuring a good grip with every movement. In addition, its vulcanized construction provides greater flexibility and board feel, allowing the skater to have greater control and precision in their tricks. Regarding cushioning, the New Balance Numeric 306 features an EVA foam midsole, offering a soft and comfortable step, absorbing impacts and protecting the feet from inevitable jolts during skate sessions. In addition, its polyurethane insole is removable, allowing the possibility of using custom insoles if necessary. The design of the New Balance Numeric 306 is clean and modern, with colors and details that will attract attention at the skatepark or on the streets. Its sleek lines and distinctive brand make it a versatile footwear that adapts to different styles and personalities. In addition, its sturdy and durable construction ensures a long lifespan, even in the most harsh and demanding conditions. In summary, the New Balance Numeric 306 is a shoe designed for skaters looking for performance, style, and durability. With a sturdy upper, sole with excellent traction, effective cushioning, and an attractive design, this model offers everything needed to stand out in the world of skateboarding. Whether in the skatepark or on the streets, the 306 is footwear that meets the needs of the most demanding skaters, providing comfort, protection, and style in every session.

  • New Balance Numeric 306

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