Oakley with its outdoor and motocross clothing for all conditions. At 4Elementos we have the latest Oakley hoodies, as well as a wide range of Oakley t-shirts and Oakley trousers. And of course, the best selection of Oakley glasses, which are so fashionable. 

“Oakley, outdoor and motocross”

Oakley's history begins in 1975. Its founder, James Jannard, started one of the most ambitious outdoor and motocross clothing projects.

One of Oakley's star products is its sunglasses, designed for adventure and made to withstand any type of physical activity. Currently, Oakley's line of sunglasses has transcended the sports scene and is a resounding success among the streetwear and high fashion community, such as the collaboration carried out with the French firm Vetements.

The quality of Oakley clothing attests to the spirit of this brand: off-road clothing and accessories, for all conditions and with a focus on functionality.

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