Fjall Raven

The famous Fjall Raven backpacks; the Swedish brand based in Örnsköldsvi, was founded in 1936 with a clear goal: to create a backpack that is spacious and comfortable in equal parts. 

At 4Elementos you'll find small models like Mini Cooler or more spacious designs like Vardag.

“Fjall Raven, nature accessible to the world”

  Fjall Raven, was born from the vision of the creator of him wanting to bring nature closer to more people and make it more accessible. Hence, the brand specialized in adventure clothing without ever neglecting design, producing some of the most stylish and demanded backpacks on the market.

The brand is best known for its Fjall Raven Kanken model, from then on the functionality of the backpack and its various models became part of the everyday life of many people. 

One of the most outstanding features of Fjall Raven is that it offers functional products, designed for people with an active life. Nature is Fjällräven's constant source of inspiration, which is why the materials used in its items are carefully chosen.

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