Dame Après Paris

At 4Elementos we have the latest from luxury house Dame après Paris. The iconic Dame après Paris sweatshirts, as well as their Dame après Paris scarves and their collection of knitwear such as Dame après Paris jumpers.

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"Dame après Paris; life is too short to dress sadly"

DAME APRÈS PARIS™, emerges as a movement in opposition to the current paradigm, a critique of Western culture.

A current that transcends the Parisian hegemony under après-paris® in a satirical tone alluding to the “post-” currents (see post-modernism).

A movement that proclaims the liberation of the industry under the "do it yourself", the ironic concept of LOW COUTURE®, born of self-education as a protest.

We are not going against fashion, that would be ostentatious on our part, we simply contribute our way of seeing and feeling, transmitting how we understand aesthetics.

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