Iuter; going beyond the original context of the garments. At 4Elementos we have the latest in Iuter sweatshirts, as well as a wide variety of Iuter t-shirts, as well as Iuter crewnecks with their minimalist designs in powerful colours. 

“Iuter, beyond the obvious”

Iuter is a premium streetwear brand, designed and manufactured entirely in Milan, since 2002. Its early collaborators and supporters were all original members of the city's skate and hip-hop subcultures.

  The brand's goal is to go beyond its original context, reconciling the irony, playfulness and experimental nature of its roots with the art and refinement of Italian tailoring.

Today Iuter is a brand known and distributed throughout the world, acclaimed for its creative designs and the quality of its garments, designed and manufactured in Italy since 2002.

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