Dr. Martens

Dr.Martens are a staple for any wardrobe, giving it a distinct edge. From the line of Dr. Martens boots, as well as a wide variety of Dr. Martens footwear for women, as well as the line of Dr. Martens moccasins. One of the best possible footwear for the rain. 

“Dr Martens, footwear history”

The British brand was founded in 1901, in the city of Wollaston, with the premise that all those people who have their own style, identify themselves proud to express themselves through their looks, while sharing the brand's philosophy: comfort and fashion.producing modest work boots, with a resistant sole with air cushioning.

This boot became popular for its functionality and aesthetics. Since we are talking about one of the best possible shoes for the rain, because the materials with which it is made are of the highest quality and ensure its long-term durability and impermeability, an issue that its most loyal followers love about the brand.

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