Paterson is recognised for the retro-tennis aesthetic. At 4Elementos we have the latest in Paterson shirts, as well as a wide variety of Paterson accessories, inspired by retro-tennis. The most desired product is the Paterson fanny packs.

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"Paterson, with its retro-tennis aesthetic"

Paterson has been inspired by such unique elements as André Agasi's retro-tennis aesthetics during the 80s. They have also carried out collaborations with firms such as DC Shoes or Vans, showing the close relationship of this brand with the world of skateboarding. Despite this unifying spirit of styles, Paterson's collections have a lot of coherence and the signature of its creator is always visible.

Creativity is the backbone of Paterson's garments, which stand out for the use of first-class raw materials and the implementation of unsurpassed quality standards. When you receive a Paterson garment, you are aware of the design and manufacturing work behind each piece.

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