Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta; one of the most recognized brands in skateboard production. At 4Elementos we have the latest Powell Peralta t-shirts, as well as a wide variety of Powell Peralta accessories such as the well-known Powell Peralta caps or Powell Peralta patches.

"Power Peralta, a brand known for the production of skateboards"

George Powell and Stacy Peralta founded Powell Peralta in 1978. George Powell, an aeronautical engineer who had left his job to focus on manufacturing skateboards, wheels and bearings, joined forces with Stacy Peralta (ranked No. 1 in the skateboarding world at the time), with whom he would go on to build the best skateboarding equipment of all time.

Powell Peralta created the Bones Brigade, a revolutionary team made up of skaters of different styles that dominated practically every competition in the 80s. Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero, Rodney Mullen and Lance Mountain plus a long list of the most influential skateboarders of all time, such as Ray Barbee, Guy Mariano, Frankie Hill, etc... 

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